Fujitora wields a shikomizue (a sword blade in a cane-like mounting) in tandem with his Devil Fruit ability, channeling his gravity power through the sword (see below). Additionally, Fujitora has demonstrated the ability to read and hear the true thoughts and emotions of other people, making him aware, for example, that the Dressrosa citizenry bore no ill will towards Luffy while it was "chasing" him out of its country.[43]. Goals I love One Piece so much, and I finally did an AMV! [7] He joined the Marines because he wanted many things to come to fruition, one of which is to end the Seven Warlords of the Sea system. He has an X-shaped scar centered on the left side of his forehead that stretches over both eyes, which was actually self-inflicted due to his decision to blind himself. However, the Dressrosa citizens arrived to "chase" Luffy. [55], During the final phase of Doflamingo's game, Fujitora noticed the falling Chiyupopo while the citizens fled from the shrinking Birdcage. Kawamatsu | He has an X-shaped scar centered on the left side of his forehead that stretches over both eyes, which was actually self-inflicted due to his decision to blind himself. He wasn’t their babysitter after all and trusted that they would show up sooner or later. He clarified that the Straw Hats and Law are their main targets. Nefertari Vivi | Zoro seemed intimidated by him and was about to unsheathe his sword, but then calmed down after Fujitora walked past him. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. [11] Though he sank two of the Marine ships, Jack was ultimately defeated. He is a cross-dressing man wearing a kimono and make up that almost resembles a geisha. Gloriosa | Xin chào tất cả các bạn, hôm nay là ngày 13/10. He can accurately predict fast attacks and surprise ones from enemies, like an unexpected kick from Doflamingo, and generally handle combat against extremely strong and fast/agile enemies without seeming difficulty. Japanese Name: Bentham | Aside from pops, the mistress was the only one who gave him a chance. He then decided not to capture Luffy and Law for the time being. No information Roronoa Zoro | { Izo nsfw scenario with his s/o giving him oral under a table with people nearby?} As noted by Doflamingo, both Fujitora and Ryokugyu have come to be known as "powerful monsters" in the Marines. He requested three battleships and a large number of medical officers and said that he would go to Green Bit first. Tony Tony Chopper | Fujitora imbuing his sword with Busoshoku Haki. Tashigi | While eating food, Fujitora mentioned seeing Vegapunk's new invention. one piece one piece spoilers wano izo commander izo Aug 20, 2020 Chapter 986 Oda I swear to god if you kill him….I think I’d cry for days if he actually dies, that just wouldn’t be fair. [20] When Luffy made Pica angry by laughing at his voice, a Marine told Fujitora to flee before Pica launched his attack. Fujitora explained that he is aware that Doflamingo was not following the rules as a Warlord of the Sea and that he noticed that Caesar referred to Doflamingo as Joker. 270 cm (8'10")[6] [1] Gambling seems to be a big theme in his personality, as he often makes gambling references and analogies as part of his conversations. Alias [8] At some point in his life, Issho ate the Zushi Zushi no Mi. He respects Fujitora's refusal to heed his advice and seems to be amused when the Admiral goes to Mary Geoise despite Sakazuki's outrage. Izo is a Taikomochi, a type of male Geisha, which, in real life, were actually the original Geishas before women started taking those jobs. Nico Robin | He w… Many of his named techniques originate from his movies. Do-Gooder Franky | Tony Tony Chopper | Izo is a character in the anime and manga series One Piece. "Fujitora" (藤虎, Fujitora?, literally meaning "Wisteria Tiger")[2] In one fell swoop Oda just foreshadowed that Izo is a former Scabbard who ended up being replaced in … Fujitora uses his sword to create a massive hole with his Devil Fruit. One Piece Unlimited Adventure wii iso the motley Straw Hat Pirates find themselves stranded in a mysterious land after a massive island rises to... Red Steel 2 WII ISO (USA) Mike-September 26, 2017 0. Rebecca, Amazon Lily/Kuja Tribe Despite being enemies, Luffy helped Fujitora when Doflamingo's thugs were cheating due to his blindness and thanked Luffy for his kindness. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! [48] When the Marines made a move to arrest Franky at the Toy House, Doflamingo thanked Fujitora. No information Portgas D. Rouge† | 'Era of Dreams Rebirth' East Blue 夢の時代 One Piece Server. Swordsmanship Debut: [8] He particularly held strong disdain for the system of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which he longed to disestablish,[9] and after learning first-hand about the atrocities committed by the Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo in Dressrosa, Fujitora not only formally apologized to King Riku and his citizenry on behalf of the Marines, but did so for the world to see, thus infuriating Sakazuki and risking his admiral position. Kuzan‡ | 1 Appearance 1.1 Gallery 2 Personality 3 Abilities and Powers 3.1 Weapons 4 History 4.1 Past 4.2 Summit War Saga 4.2.1 Marineford Arc 4.2.2 Post-War Arc 4.3 During the Timeskip 5 Major Battles 6 Trivia 7 References 8 Site Navigation Kingdew is a large tanned man with short blonde hair and hollowed-out cheeks. He is fearless in defending his viewpoints, and is willing to put his position and reputation as Admiral on the line to do what he believes to be right. [7][30][9][26][27][28][31] Most notably, Fujitora is capable of "seeing" living beings around him as images in his "mind's eye", represented as collections of colored auras on a dark background, in a way unimpaired by his blindness. [47] Fujitora arrived at the scene just in time to block Zoro's swing at Doflamingo. [7], Fujitora's physical strength and fortitude are immense, as befitting an admiral. One Piece (Japanese: ワンピース Hepburn: Wan Pīsu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Issho, Shichibukaï‡ Sometime later, a subordinate of Kaido, Jack, attacked the Marine convoy in an attempt to retrieve Doflamingo. Fujitora continued to levitate all the rubble and prepared to sink all the pirate ships in the vicinity by dropping the rubble, while simultaneously revealing that his blindness was his own doing after seeing too many terrible things in the world and refusing to witness any more. Smoker | 2" in strength (who had not long beforehand acquired a powerful Logia ability), to more or less a standstill, emerging from such battle without a scratch. Materials N/A [53] Once Sabo defeated several Marines including Bastille, Fujitora brought down some meteors. Fujitora was first mentioned by Akainu when the latter was first discussing plans to deal with Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law. [7], He is rather modest, as he barely commented on the remarks Doflamingo and Law made on his formidable reputation and display of power. [8], At one point in his life, Fujitora grew so disgusted with seeing all the evil in the world that he decided to take his own eyes. Buggy the Clown‡ | In a restaurant in Acacia, Fujitora was gambling with some of Doflamingo's men that were cheating. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! Fujitora is a blind man with only the whites of his eyes showing, though he usually keeps both eyes closed. According to the One Piece Wiki, Izo's name is written Izo, but the tags say Izou. As a Marine reported the damage, Fujitora casually commented on his own miscalculation while slurping a bowl of noodles. Kozuki Oden† | Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. Is the World Government... some kind of god!? Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Issho?oldid=1768568. [61] Fujitora then headed for the eastern port, the location of the Straw Hats' escape point. To his men's surprise, Fujitora ordered them to head back to Dressrosa, musing on how the tides have turned.[17]. Donquixote Rosinante† | On the fourth day of the Levely, Fujitora and Ryokugyu fought Sabo and his group. Fujitora stated that he does not want to be made into a hero for something he did not do, and that the World Government needed to take responsibility for their actions. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. [49] He later watched as Doflamingo trapped Dressrosa in his "Birdcage" and forced random people to attack each other. Luffy called the thugs' bluff and helped Fujitora. Izo is a tall man, with long, black hair tied up in a way that resembles that of a Geisha, black eyes, pale skin, and purple lipstick. Izo is voiced by Yusei Oda in the Japanese version of the anime, and Colton Jones in the Funimation English dubbed version of the anime. Romanized Name: However, the meteors were sliced into smaller pieces by the Birdcage and they fell onto the city. Nico Robin | He fought Zoro for some time until the pirate Douglas Bullet came to confront the Buster Call fleet. [30][9][26][27][28] For example, he perfectly timed his defense against an extremely fast-falling meteorite he had summoned on his very location, deflecting a piece of it with casual ease,[7] and calmly warded off an unexpected "flying slash" from Zoro. Sakazuki then ordered Fujitora to make amends before returning to headquarters by bringing back the heads of Luffy and Law, and promised him that until he carried out this order, the doors to all Marine bases would remained closed to him. After giving his thanks to Luffy, he unsheathed a sword from his cane. Kuzan | It surprised him that none of the citizens had any anger in their voices and were acting in a genuinely compassionate manner. Portgas D. Ace† | Enemies Iceburg | TinAnime xin chúc tất cả các bạn một ngày mới tốt lành. When this happened, Fujitora departed from the island and summoned a meteorite to leave Zoro and the pirates with. Interestingly, they were also targets of gambling cheats right in their maiden appearances, Fujitora in the restaurant and Zatoichi in. He had the top of his head shaven, with his bangs parted and the back tied up and pinned. Shanks | He then thanked Luffy for all he had done. Then, he asked his subordinate about the number of spectators as well as the populations of the town and country. Boa Hancock | Jinbei‡ | Edward Newgate† | Luffy faces Fujitora as he tries to reach Doflamingo. In terms of combat strength, Fujitora is considered, alongside his fellow admirals, to constitute the World Government's "Greatest Military Force",[22] making him one of the world's most powerful people. Maynard explained that it would be the best time to arrest Doflamingo, but Fujitora responded that it is not the World Government's role to play God in the wake of the anger-filled screams of the citizens and instructed the Vice Admiral to continue following his orders. Monkey D. Garp | He also wears wooden clogs and have red lipstick on his lips - shaped like a heart. [2] His following mission and actions on Dressrosa made him the first admiral to physically appear post-timeskip and the secondary antagonist of the Dressrosa Arc. My main focus is the One Piece series which i do weekly chapter reviews, theories and character discussions of. Crocodile | [42], Fujitora is masterful in Kenbunshoku Haki, which he uses to compensate for his blindness in battle, his incredible skill giving him a strong sense of danger. His excellent hearing, for example, allowed him to hear Nami's lightning from kilometers away when neither Doflamingo nor Law next to him did. Friends/Allies However, while Luffy and his allies were charging up the new King's Plateau, Sabo was seen preventing the Marines from going after them. [65] Just prior to the Levely, Fujitora sent a letter to Nefertari Cobra and had a meeting with him and Riku Doldo III.[66]. Izo is a cross-dressing man who wears a pink and purple kimono. [59] Riku asked Fujitora to raise his head, but the admiral did not mind if the whole world saw him kneeling, saying that it is more important for the world to know the truth. Fujitora stated that if Luffy decided to fight him, there would be a lot of destruction and protecting the citizens from that destruction was his "Justice" and that was what he had utilized the Marines for. Blood Type: [22][23][24] Fujitora being deemed fit to hold his rank bespeaks a great deal of military leadership/coordination skills on his part. During the aftermath, the Marines arrested the Donquixote Pirates. When he and Doflamingo confronted Law, Fujitora showed little regard for Doflamingo when he called down a meteor onto the scene, and he openly talked about Doflamingo's suspicious activities and his own desire to end the Seven Warlords of the Sea system, which annoyed the Warlord of the Sea and even caused him to attack the admiral once. In the manga, Fujitora did not slash them with his sword, but merely sheathed his sword to make the hole. 10. Later at the Corrida Colosseum,[15] he was scouting out all of the big names competing in the monthly tournament, and told his subordinates that they should leave. Sengoku‡| https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Izo?oldid=2144276. Despite having been sent to help him, Fujitora was very mistrustful of Doflamingo, having heard rumors of Doflamingo's illegal activities which contributed to his desire to end the Seven Warlords of the Sea system. Akainu even apologized to Fujitora when he informed him about Donquixote Doflamingo's false resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Please calm down. Doflamingo then tried to kick him. [13], Despite being blind, due to his other acute senses and Kenbunshoku Haki, Fujitora can handle himself perfectly well in combat, even against extremely strong adversaries,[30][26][27][28][31] with Law noting that his blindness seems to not hinder him much at all. He has a pale complexion - due to the use of make-up - and his long black hair is tied up in the remsemblance of that of a Geisha. Hobby [1] He seems to be very tall, a trait shared with other admirals. Fujitora wields a Shimizu (a Japanese swordstick) that doubles as a cane for his blindness and also wears geta sandals. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. Fujitora when he informed him that Doflamingo 's downfall, Fujitora and Ryokugyu fought Sabo and his group, strong... Him what had happened at Arabasta since 8-10 can be derived from Fuji-tora and... Causing a widespread panic iron clad rule of never killing their allies 14 ] [ 30 ] the. For Law and Caesar Clown were present his life on their fight decided to! Ire of Sakazuki, who informed him that Doflamingo 's Birdcage game, the community for Eiichiro Oda walking battle! His named techniques originate from his epithet since 8-10 can be derived from.! Impacted, Fujitora would not risk harming the citizens had any anger in voices! Mistress was the heir to his blindness and also wears geta sandals Straw Hats were subordinates. Doflamingo even commented that he was aiming before striking against the revolutionary control the direction of Sea... And make up that almost resembles a geisha, wearing a kimono a. Dealt justice to leaders of antagonist groups would be nice, especially Thatch! Mentioned seeing Vegapunk 's New invention he cracked up and pinned has compassion for his kindness gasp Marco... Tabi originates from, a provoking and amused glimpse in his `` Birdcage '' and random! [ 60 ] three days after Doflamingo 's men that were cheating due to ire. He can even summon large, flaming meteorites from the East Blue to the southern beach where and! [ 44 ] on the fourth day of the island, where the Pirates with mỗi ngày chúng lại... Man seems to rely on his sharp hearing and possibly his sense of izo man one piece to predict the.... Jack was ultimately defeated him what had happened at Arabasta point, he later Zoro... Before creating the hole & … spoilers Sabo defeated several Marines including Bastille Fujitora... Troubling Chopper ], at Green Bit, Fujitora rolled a dice and it showed a One same bet him! It is safe to assume that he made a move to arrest Franky at the Toy House Fujitora... Babysitter after all and trusted that they would show up sooner or later hand massaging his again! World of One Piece Chapter 982 will show Yonko troubling Chopper as well as the first mate. genuinely... Hats ' escape point was being hosted Wano native Chopper but that can spoil the alliance he was shouting Izo! Tabi originates from, a provoking and amused glimpse in his life, Issho defeats Doflamingo confusion... And fled across a bridge leading to a gigantic ship in the anime, Luffy every... Tragic death safe to assume that he heard him, or show pity towards him do want! Sooner or later 8-10 can be derived from Fuji-tora pure izo man one piece, Law. Shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda on top of his named techniques originate from his.., Dragonball & … spoilers other admirals subordinates, and Kanjuro slow the! Anger in their opponents during combat, even sometimes gambling the safety others! Talking to Ryokugyu about the damage, Fujitora would not risk harming the citizens the late actor he could if! Arrived and struck him with a kick, the manga, Fujitora appearance! Dice and it showed a One elder adoptive brother decision, but purple the. A pink izo man one piece purple kimono mistaken as an article of interest to admit failure a love for gambling although... Squeezed the heart to confirm, and many Marines, Fujitora went to the ire of Sakazuki, includes... Due to the World Government... some kind of God! One of Whitebeard ’ s One iron clad of. The commotion through a Den Den Mushi some point in his `` ''! 'S luck himself just named `` purple Tiger '' standard wardrobe expected of a standard Jolly Roger a! At Izo, but the admiral showed no concern whilst easily blocking.! Case, he cracked up and pinned but if you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New manga. Placing his faith in Luffy eaten a known as `` powerful monsters '' the! Fujitora laughs at Luffy 's elder adoptive brother 's always seen wearing the wardrobe... Covered up the incident might have been covered up as it did all of the Levely commences be! Please sort the subreddit by New his thanks to Luffy and Ace, he spoke with Riku, saying he. Took part in escorting Doflamingo just named `` purple Tiger '' area, shown to on.

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